Narva city


Narva is a city of sports. They are primarily: ice hockey, boxing, football (soccer), rowing, gymnastics, judo, and shooting.

Players and coaches of the ice hockey team "Kreenholm-100 FM" make up the backbone of the combined team of Estonia. The football club "Narva-Trans" has attained a leading position in the country. And boxers from the sports school "Energia" are winners of Estonian championships as well as being participants of the World and European championships in boxing.

In support of the town's focus on athletics, two sports schools provide excellent opportunities for the physical training of local children and juniors.

Additionally, "Old Town Days," a new Narva tradition, includes festivals of amateur arts and sports groups. Various festivals for Narva's citizens, the patriots of their town, are held on stages in the open air at Narva Castle, as well as at various sports arenas over the course of several summer days.

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