Narva city


Nowadays there are 9 gymnasiums and 2 primary schools in Narva. In spare time children can attend musical, sports and art schools. Narva boys and girls achieve significant results in various activities at the international level.

During the last 5 years the sphere of education came through important events: Narva became a university city - Narva College of the Tartu University started its work in Narva in 1999. It prepares teachers of English and Russian, teachers for primary schools with the Russian language of education. There are plans to open a new faculty in the next study year - teachers of Estica, that is teachers of the Estonian culture. Great interest is expressed by future students to get education at this faculty. In the autumn 2000 was opened Vanalinn State School, it uses methods of a language immersion. It presupposes that in future those who leave this school will be able to continue their studies in gymnasiums with Estonian as a language of education.

Adult people get education at an Evening School and at a Professional Educational Center created on the basis of 4 professional schools. One can get specialties mostly required in our region - power engineering, tourism, light industry.

Narva Youth Center coordinates youth activities. It is already a tradition to carry out an information fair “Orientir” (Orientator) annually. All interested can get here an information about possibilities to get education in Estonia and abroad.

Integration is a both-sided process. As we understand it, the creation of an Estonian society by two large communities can happen only in case of good knowledge of each other. The most important thing here is to respect other cultures, a person should be a patriot of a Motherland, and at the same time to be a real citizen of Estonia, Europe and the whole world.

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