Narva city


In the present life of Narva these trends are under the special attention of local authorities. We may even say that Narva is known in Estonia by its creative and sport collectives.

There are two cultural houses in Narva where every child and adult is welcome to take part in different hobby groups and clubs.

Narva Town Museum makes a large contribution to the local citizens cultural life with its expositions and exhibitions.

Another special place is the town's Art Gallery where works of local as well as other Estonian artists are exhibited. Located in the same place, the real "treasure" of Narva is preserved - a collection of paintings and art objects from the private collection of Narva merchants, the Lavretsov family.

With regard to the cultural picture of the town, its essential parts are the art school, musical school, and choir school. Creation of the Narva Symphony Orchestra has turned out to be a great and much treasured addition of the past years.

Essential changes in the sphere of education have also impacted upon the town. Mainly, they are in connection with the creation of the Narva College of Tartu University. This place of higher learning is concerned with training teachers for schools in the North-East of Estonia where Russian is the language of instruction. For that reason, we can boldly call Narva a University Town.

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