Narva city

Basic cost figures

• Average monthly gross salary is about, EUR 849

• One m³ of water (inclusive of VAT):
for inhabitants, EUR 0.715
for business consumers, EUR 0.872

• Disposal of one m³ of sewage (inclusive of VAT):
for inhabitants, EUR 0.959
for business consumers, EUR 1.082

• One m³ of gas (inclusive of VAT), EUR 0.480

• One МWh of thermal energy (without VAT), EUR 35.33

• The price of the electricity on the open market is available on the following site

Quality of life

Narva has a plenty of nature around and leisure opportunities. River, forests, parks are at your disposal. The Narva-Jõesuu health resort with a sandy beach is located at the mouth of the Narva River. Narva also offers good possibility for a variety of indoor and outdoor sport activities. Cultural centers, libraries, a Museum and Art gallery, symphony orchestra and a rich heritage dating back to XIII century provide for good leisure time.

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